Easy T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

Easy T-shirt Dress 1

Kids grow out of clothes so fast it will make your head spin. Favourite outfits are often relegated to the “hand me downs” pile long before they’re worn out. But fear not. Shelly from Coral + Co. shared a fantastic…

How To Make a Slip Knot

How to make a slip knot

There are some crafting skills that are absolutely essential, and this is one of them. Slip knots are a versatile tool in many crafts, but particularly to start knitting and crocheting project. Learn to make a slip knot perfectly in…

Mandy’s on YouTube!

Mandy's On YouTube!

Hi guys. Sorry I haven’t been posting much in the way of new art lately. I have actually been having some health issues (nothing too serious, don’t worry!) and took a bit of time off work to rest and recuperate. 

DIY Gemstone Soaps

DIY Gemstone Soaps

Ahhh, DIY gemstone soaps. Fancy soap has a way of making you feel special. It’s so lovely to unwrap a brand new bar, still perfectly smooth and firm. Particularly delightful, is when the soap has a scent you love.