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DIY Gemstone Soaps

Ahhh, DIY gemstone soaps.

Fancy soap has a way of making you feel special. It’s so lovely to unwrap a brand new bar, still perfectly smooth and firm. Particularly delightful, is when the soap has a scent you love.

No need to wait until your next stay at a nice hotel to treat yourself to some new soap. (Don’t pretend you don’t love taking that little paper wrapper off.) Combine your own scents and ingredients to make your own, custom blended soap!

Make Your Own DIY Gemstone Soaps

I found this tutorial over on Honestly WTF. Erica walks you through all of the steps you need to create beautiful gemstone soaps for yourself.

You can buy soap making kit, or simply find the ingredients at your local craft store. You don’t need much more than self space, food colouring, and scents to create this stylish soap.

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Yep, That’s Soap!

Aren’t these so pretty? These gorgeous gemstones are actually soap. They’re almost too pretty to use. But they’re easy to make, so don’t be afraid to get them out and treat your self.

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If you feel like getting even more creative, you can also use the same technique of chopping pretty coloured wax to create your own gemstone candles!

Have you ever tried making your own soap? How did it turn out?

Share your thoughts below!

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