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TABLE OF CONTENTS | Free Watercolor Leaves Clipart for Fall

Free Watercolor Leaves Clipart for Fall

Are you ready for fall? It may technically be a few weeks away, but I’m ready for autumn with a pretty watercolor leaves clipart freebie!

Fall did not come gently for those of us in Southern Ontario this year. Rather than a slow transition into cooler weather, surrounded by pumpkins and sunflowers, it was sort of like being shoved off a hot, sunny cliff into an icy lake below.

The first week in September was insanely, ridiculously hot. Last Tuesday, the humidex or “feels like” temperature was 41C (or 105F for my American friends). Exactly one week later, the overnight thermometer read 6C (or 42F). It’s warmed up a bit now, but that 35 degree drop was enough to push me out of summer and into fall for good!

So with that, I’ve started to publish my fall art. I thought I’d kick it off with a pretty autumn freebie.

This one was first published last summer, and it’s been popular as a paid download on Etsy and Creative Market, so I thought it would be extra popular as a freebie.

Leaves & Branches Clipart In NaturalFree Watercolor Leaves Clipart

I must say I am so happy with this set. It was created with some help from my friend Sally, who is a very talented watercolor artist. We painted and carefully digitized a full set of autumn wonders for you to use in your projects, and I’m thrilled with the look of the final artwork.

I’m actually very excited to play with these on my own. I think they’d look fabulous printed onto cotton for napkins, or appliqued onto tea towels, or even just printed and threaded onto string as a fall garland.

The set includes 16 leaves, 2 berry branches and an acorn. Autumn here we come!

What’s In The Free Watercolor Leaves Download?

This set includes 19 high resolution .png clipart images (approximately 6″ high at 300 dpi). Because these are hand painted, no vector files are available for these guys. All the free watercolor leaves are completely free for you to use in personal and non-profit projects.

PS: If you have any trouble downloading, I just added a quick YouTube video with instructions here!

Leaves & Branches Clipart In Natural

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  1. Thank you so much for these beautiful autumn leaves. We don’t have these in our part of Texas. I will enjoy using them in my digital scrapping, etc., and each time I do it will take me back to our days living in New England. I did pin them so others can find them as well.

    • Thank you so much for pinning and sharing! It helps get the word out. 🙂

      Living in Canada, I can’t imagine fall without changing leaves. It would be odd to transition seasons without the visual cues. I am definitely jealous of your Texas winters with no snow though!

      All the best,

      • I’ve been fortunate to see most of the states, live in quite a few of them, and visit quite a few foreign countries (and live in Turkey; my husband is a retired USMC pilot), but I have never made it to Canada. I have always wanted to see the Canadian Rockies and the Calgary Stampede. Actually, I would have liked to take the train that (supposedly) crosses all of Canada.

        Texas is home, and yes, snow is very rare and usually very sparse and short-lived. There is a garden not far from us that has done a great job of fall planting around one of their lakes. I have to go there for my fix. 🙂

        Thank you again for the beautiful leaves. You are very talented as well as very generous.


        • You apparently have never lived in the Texas panhandle. We joke that there is nothing between us and the north pole but a barbed wire fence. We have lots more snow that I ever care to see. I’ve seen blizzards when the snow reached the rooftops. Texas is like two separate countries. Thanks for the beautiful leaves!

          • You are right Ruth Ann, I’ve definitely never live there! I actually had to look at a map to see where the Texas Panhandle is! 🙂

            I didn’t realize parts of Texas went so far north. I guess we do have miserable winters in common after all! 🙂

            All the best,

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