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TABLE OF CONTENTS | Make a Sea Turtle Baby Costume

Make a Sea Turtle Baby Costume

When I first saw this sea turtle baby costume, I actually laughed out loud. This little boy is SOOO cute! The costume tutorial is pretty amazing too.

Scratch & Stitch’s Sea Turtle Baby Costume

Cathi from Scratch & Stitch posted a wonderful tutorial on her blog for this sweet little baby costume. It’s probably not a beginners project, as it requires a bit of detail. If you’re a seasoned sewing pro, though, it’s totally worth a look.

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Shell Details

Cathi shows off the applique style detail on the shell and flippers of this adorable sea turtle baby costume.

Want to make one too? She shows you exactly how in her free turtle costume tutorial.

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Of course this costume is meant to be for Halloween, but I can see my 6 year old son wanting to wear this year round. I’m sure with a bit of size tweaking, you could make it in just about any size. What an amazing dress-up costume!

Scratch & Stitch has some really cute ideas, including a post about the couples scuba suits she made to go with the little baby turtle. If you’re looking for a creative family costume, or just some Halloween inspiration, this is a great blog to start your creative juice flowing!

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Amanda Ilkov
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  1. Thanks Amanda!! 🙂 This was one of my favorite costumes to make. He was even running around the house with the shell on yesterday (1 year later!).

    • It’s such an adorable costume, I’m happy to share it! My son is 6 and I’m pretty sure if I made this he’d want to live in it. 🙂 Thanks for sharing – happy halloween!

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