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TABLE OF CONTENTS | How to Sew an Easy Shirt Without a Pattern

How to Sew an Easy Shirt Without a Pattern

If you’ve got a spare meter stretch knit fabric laying around, you can sew an easy shirt without a pattern in no time flat. Melanie from The Little Studio shows you how to use your favorite shirt as a template for a new one!

Sew an Easy Shirt Without a Pattern

Melanie, who so kindly shared this tutorial, claims she can make a new shirt in less time than it takes to load up the kids and make a trip to the store. Looking at the instructions (and knowing my own kid!) I believe her!

With just a few basic sewing supplies, a meter of fabric and no actual pattern (Melanie uses an existing shirt to mark out the basic shapes), you can update your wardrobe in a snap!

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Easy & Inexpensive

Check out Melanies method for making a new shirt using an old one as the template.

I love the simplicity and accessibility of this approach – just about anyone can make one for a couple of dollars! Since you only need one meter of fabric, you can shop the remnant bins at your local fabric store or use a leftover from a larger project!

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Have Fun with The Details

This is a perfectly lovely plain shirt, but it would also be fun to add some personalized details! I like a bit of ruching on the sides to hide my, ahem, curves. You could also add something fun at the neck – maybe buttons or just some stitching detail.

If you have a stretch knit, and a cotton fabric that coordinates, you might want to take this method one step further. Combine this quick shirt with a cotton skirt with Coral + Co’s Easy T-shirt Dress Tutorial to make a quick No-Pattern dress!

Happy Sewing!

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