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TABLE OF CONTENTS | Secret Room Behind the Wardrobe

Secret Room Behind the Wardrobe

This Secret Room Behind the Wardrobe project stole my heart!

Max and I were just talking about The Chronicles of Narnia last night. We’re almost at the end of the Series of Unfortunate Events books, and the C.S. Lewis classic Narnia Series is next on our reading list. (If you’ve never read it, four young siblings enter a magical, fantasy realm through an ordinary bedroom wardrobe.)

This morning, I saw this post. Laura from Colorado Nest shared this super fun and surprisingly frugal project on her blog. It’s a wardrobe with a secret – fit for Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy!

My own house is full of secret nooks and hide aways, but I never stop looking for ways to incorporate new ones.

I love efficient, clever and hidden spaces, so I try to tuck them everywhere. There are hidden drawers in my living room furniture and a secret mini garden in my basement. There’s a desk under my couch and a laundry chute in my closet.

As a lifelong, unabashed introvert, I also love space to be alone. Just a little spot to curl up by myself while reading or thinking. Nothing is more comfortable than a tiny, secret space all to myself.

How Laura Made This Covert Secret Room Behind the Wardrobe

It’s an impressive project for sure, but Laura does a great job of laying out how it was done in her post.
If you have a large closet, it’s surprisingly doable.

Laura cut the back out of an old wardrobe and pushed it up against an existing closet opening. The secret room behind was designed as a closet space and kids lounge.


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Secret Hideout >

Laura created this fun lounge space in a hidden closet, behind an old wardrobe.


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Head on over to Colorado Nest to see the full post. You’ll see how the Secret Room Behind the Wardrobe was created. There’s a floor plan and lots more photos posted there.

Hey, maybe you’ll end up with your own magical wardrobe!

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