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TABLE OF CONTENTS | Adorable Sock Shark Softie Sewing Pattern

Adorable Sock Shark Softie Sewing Pattern

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Craft Passion recently posted another adorable pattern – this time for a playful, grinning, sock shark softie. The free pattern is so well done, you can’t possibly mess this one up!

Free Sock Shark Softie Pattern

This is such a great pattern for sewing newbies, or to get kids interested in sewing. My six year old son LOVES helping to make is own “stuffies” to snuggle.  

This pattern is ideal for beginners, because it’s so clearly written, with photos to guide you every step of the way. The materials are also cheap and easy. In fact, you probably have everything you’ll need laying around your house right now! An old sock, some embroidery thread, and a little piece of white fabric is all it takes.

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Fabulous Details

Joanne from Craft Passion does a fantastic job of showing every last detail in her free softie tutorials.

This Sock Shark Softie is no exception. She’s even illustrated exactly how to lay out the pattern on an old sock, so you can’t really mess this one up! 

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Scaling the Size

One final note on this pattern is about the scale. Joannes pattern uses a regular, adult sized sock. But of course, you could scale the whole pattern down before you print it, and make mini sized sharks with kids socks! School of mini sharks, anyone?

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