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TABLE OF CONTENTS | Monster Mash Halloween Cards – Spiders, Pumpkins & Pom Poms

Monster Mash Halloween Cards – Spiders, Pumpkins & Pom Poms

How fun are these Monster Mash Halloween Cards?

Halloween is fast approaching, and you may be in the mood to make something spooky! Here’s a perfect place to find some inspiration. These cute little greeting cards are made from die cuts, but the idea of using a combination of cut paper for the base and pom poms to make the bodies puffy is universal.

Monster Mash Halloween Cards Two Ways

Michele made a couple of perfectly frightful spider and pumpkin cards using the Monster Mash metal die kit from Queen & Company. The kit features the ever present and totally timeless crafting supply – the pom pom. Michele’s expert touch is evident, but a kit like this is a great way to get your feet wet in die cut card making! This is such fun project to do with kids, too!

Pumpkins and spiders are perfect for Halloween, but of course you could add your own twist. How about a pom pom ghost with black paper facial features? Or a paper bat with a pom pom body?

These cards were designed and originally posted by the oh-so-creative, card maker Michele on Paper Cuts.

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Spiders & Pumpkins

Head over to Paper Cuts to see the details of the supplies Michele used, and exactly how she put it all together.

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Don’t Stop at Cards!

Of course, your pom pom adventures don’t have to end with card making!

How about using paper and pom poms to make a few decorations for around the house? These would be adorable as a set of seasonal wall hangings. You could even string together several of these fuzzy little creatures to make a banner!


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