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TABLE OF CONTENTS | Free Halloween Characters Clipart Set

Free Halloween Characters Clipart Set

I can’t believe Halloween is only a week away! I guess it’s past time to post the new Free Halloween Characters set. Where the heck did October go?

We don’t usually decorate for Halloween. My husband Mark really poo-foos any sort of festive decor (what a scrooge!). He thinks it’s gaudy. I just figure it’s a lot of work to do in the cold. Every year I decide to save my budget and energy for Christmas decorations.

But this year Mr. Max is in grade one, and is REALLY into everything grim and undead. He was so impressed by our neighbours frightful display that he insisted we have to decorate too. I think he has asked about it every day for the past month. So last night we bundled up and put up a few ghoulish decorations. (Spiders and skulls courtesy of the dollar store!). It’s not particularly impressive, but he seemed very happy with it.

Now that we’ve got the decorations up, what better time to share some free halloween characters clipart?

Ooooh, Spooky!

Ok, so these guys are part of a series that’s been a long time coming. I wanted to create a series of kid-friendly characters, doing all sorts of things. Kids interacting with the world around them, both real and imaginary. It was important to me that the characters be inclusive, diverse and classroom suitable. Each character is provided in 10 skin tone, hair color and eye color combinations. Plus GREEN skin, of course!

This set includes kids dressed in spooky Halloween costumes. Costumes include a witch, a ghost, a vampire, a mummy, a Frankenstein, and a black cat. Each character comes in a variety of skin, hair and eye colors. Also included are a haunted house, bats, a jack-o-lantern and a black cat.

The Free Halloween Characters Clipart Download

This set includes a total of 64 high resolution .png clipart images (approximately 6″ high at 300 dpi). Also included are the vector files, so if you know how to use Illustrator, you can further customize them to suit your needs. All the free halloween characters clipart images are completely free for you to use in personal and non-profit projects.

Have fun playing with this set, and Happy Halloween!

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  1. … what a wonderful thing to do! they are adorable! … thank u very much Mandy! … your talent & generosity is appreciated!

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