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TABLE OF CONTENTS | Knitted Christmas Trees – A Quick Holiday Knit

Knitted Christmas Trees – A Quick Holiday Knit

Knitted Christmas trees are such a great idea for a quick holiday project. Knit a cone shape, fit in over a styrofoam form, and voila! Christmas tree!  I’m sure you could jazz these knitted Christmas trees up with decorative stitches or tiny decorations.

Knitted Christmas Trees

If you need full instructions, you can a buy a little kit from Craftsy (which is where the picture is from!). It includes the patterns for the trees pictured, plus yarn. If you’re a confident knitter and you’ve got time for some experimentation, I think it would be pretty easy to figure out on your own. Once you do, the possibilities are endless. Bulky yarns? Hand dyed yarns? Cable knits, fair isle or maybe even (gasp) tunisian crochet? Knit in the round and decrease every couple dozen stitches until you work comes to a point… maybe I will get time to post an actual pattern eventually! [block id=”signature-happy-knitting”]
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