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TABLE OF CONTENTS | Acts of Kindness Ideas for Kids

Acts of Kindness Ideas for Kids

For many kids, ’tis the season for seeing Santa, exchanging gifts and downing lots of sweet treats. It’s exciting. It’s fun. But it’s hard not to be blinded by the glitter and lights and forget what Christmas should be about. It’s not about what you get – it’s about what you give.

If your kids are like my own, they’re naturally full of kindness. They genuinely want to be helpful, and do the best they can.

But when the holidays roll around, they can (and should) be so caught up in the fun that they often need a nudge in the right direction.

It’s an important part of our job as parents to help our kids grow into caring, compassionate adults. Small acts of kindness can give them a sense of purpose, build confidence and, of course, help the people they care about.

Use this list to help them accomplish a few acts of kindness ideas over the holiday season.


Acts of Kindness Ideas for Little Kids

Compliment someone.
It can really brighten someones day.

Thank someone for all they do.
Maybe a teacher, a sibling, or a librarian. Tell them why you are thankful for them.

Call a relative just to say “I love you”.
A quick call to say I love you can make someone feel special.

Draw a happy picture for someone.
Draw their favorite place or something they love to help make them happy.


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Gift a Handpicked Bouquet

Pick flowers, pine, leaves or twigs and and tie them into a bouquet and give it to someone you love.



Offer to share a toy with your brother or sister.
Ask your sibling if they would like to play with toy you know they love.

Help a sibling, cousin or friend tidy up their room.
Tidying up is more fun when you have a helper!

Donate unused toys or books to charity.
Let the kids pick things they no longer need to donate.

Pick a bouquet of flowers or greenery to give away.
Even in the cold, you can make a bouquet of pine and twigs.


Acts of Kindness Ideas for Older Kids

Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.
Perhaps a friend who moved away, or someone you met at summer camp. Call and ask them how they’re doing.

Pick up trash at the park.
Help keep your neighborhood clean by picking up trash and disposing of it properly.

Write a letter to someone you admire.
Tell them what it is you admire and why you think they’re special.

Visit a relative in a nursing home.
A nursing home can be lonely. Spending a bit of time just chatting with someone in a nursing home can really help.

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Read to Your Siblings

Let the youngest pick the book, and snuggle up with your siblings. Make it fun and be nice! They will love the one on one time with their big brother or sister.

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Shovel the driveway for a neighbor.
It’s a big help for someone who’s sick or has a new baby!

Make a card for a kid in the hospital.
There are programs like this one to help you get your card to a kid who needs it:
Cards for Hospitalized Kids

Read a book to a younger sibling.
Let them pick the book – they’ll love the one on one time with you.

Bring a lunch to a homeless person.
Pack a paper bag with a sandwich, drink and snacks and give it to someone who needs it.

Collect socks, mittens and hats for a shelter.
Collect new or gently used socks, mittens and hats and donate them to a local shelter.

Donate a weeks worth of allowance.
Every penny counts for people in need. Even $5 or $10 helps.

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