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TABLE OF CONTENTS | Free Fonts Bundle Ends Today – Get It Quick!

Free Fonts Bundle Ends Today – Get It Quick!

Hey guys! I have something really fun to share with you! You’ll have to be quick though – today is the last day to get the Free Fonts Bundle! The right font can make or break your designs, but they can be very expensive. Take the serif typeface Lexicon by designer Bram de Does for example. The Dutch font foundry  The Enschede (or TEFF for short) sells the font family for nearly $5000. Um, definitely out of my price range! Forbes contributor Seth Porges discusses some of the reasons for the seemingly exorbitant price tag in his article “The Surprising Reasons That Some Fonts Cost Thousands Of Dollars“. Although a $5000 font may be small potatoes for a Fortune 500, for the rest of us even more modestly priced $20 or $40 fonts add up quickly. How often do you find yourself searching the web for free fonts? What’s that you say? Every project? Well, I’m about to save you some Google time.

What Is This Free Fonts Bundle?

The Hungry JPEG has published an incredibly generous bundle of free 12 free fonts. The fonts included are mostly decorative, sans serif’s. There’s a nice mix of fun and whimsy (like the crown adorned letters of ‘Prince Rollick‘, or the loud ‘Dissentio‘) and more sophisticated styles (like the smooth, round ‘Ooh!’). [ux_gallery ids=”5770,5771,5772,5773,5774,5775,5776,5777,5778,5779,5780,5781″ style=”normal” col_spacing=”small” columns=”3″ depth=”2″ text_align=”center”]

Get the Free Fonts Bundle Before It Expires

So how can you get all of these fonts for free? Just download the bundle from The Hungry Jpeg website and click the red “Share” button to access the download.

(You can share the bundle link on Twitter or Facebook if you’d like. If not, simply close the social pop-up window and click the “Download” button to get the free font files.)

[button text=”Download the Free Fonts Bundle Now!” style=”gloss” size=”larger” expand=”true” icon=”icon-gift” link=”” target=”_blank”]

Pretty great, right? What do you plan to use these for? Leave your ideas in the comments below!

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