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TABLE OF CONTENTS | Abstract Watercolor Tulips Tutorial for Beginners

Abstract Watercolor Tulips Tutorial for Beginners

This watercolor tulips tutorial is for all the loose, abstract watercolor lovers out there. We will be painting abstract watercolor tulips, which is a great way to get started with watercolors.

Abstract watercolor tulips are a beautiful subject to paint. They are soothing and calming, and they can also be used as an opportunity to practice your skills in painting different textures and colors.

I will show you how to paint this beautiful subject in this tutorial. Let’s get started!

In this video tutorial, we are going to learn how to paint abstract watercolor tulips. First, we are going to start by painting the background. We will be using a light blue color for the background. Next, we will add in the tulips. We will be using a variety of colors for the tulips, including pink, yellow, and purple. We will start by painting the tulips in the center of the painting and then work our way outwards.

Who is This Tutorial For?

This is an easy, beginner-friendly tutorial. As long as you’ve got some watercolor paint and brushes, you can probably pull it off!

The whole painting took about 30 minutes, including drying time. So this is a great practice piece even if you’re short on time.

Free PDF Watercolor Tulips Tutorial Reference Image
You can print this Free PDF to use as a reference while you’re painting!

Free PDF Painting

I’ve provided a free PDF copy of this painting. It’s helpful to keep it on your phone or print it out if you like to have a reference while you’re painting.

Abstract Watercolor Tulips Tutorial Supplies

The supplies used in this watercolor tulips tutorial are really just basic watercolor supplies. If you paint, you probably already have them laying around!

Don’t forget, you can download the printable reference image here.

  • Watercolor paints (tubes or pans will work!)
  • Watercolor paper
  • Medium round watercolor brush (size 12 or similar)
  • Small watercolor brush (size 4 or similar)
  • Fineliner pen
  • Clean water

Watercolor Tulips Video Tutorial

Follow along with the video tutorial. For the sake of keeping it reasonably short, the video is sped up to about 4x the real painting speed.

Don’t rush it though – just pause and paint as you go!

Watercolor Tulips Tutorial Step-by-Step

Coming Soon!

Abstract Watercolor Tulips Tutorial Conclusion

I hope you had fun painting along with this abstract watercolor tulips tutorial! It’s a fun practice piece perfect for spring.

Thanks so much for joining me – see you soon!

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