Knitted Candy Corn Pattern (Free From Purl Soho)

Knitted Candy Corn

I found a free knitted candy corn pattern from Purl Soho! It makes a set of 10 little weighted candy corns.

I know candy corns are a bit controversial… people either seem to really love them, or really hate them.

Personally, I love them. I’ve eaten way too many candy corns more times than I care to admit. That creamy, melty sugar paste, flavored with who-knows-what… It’s hard to put down!

I guess it’s good that they’re not available year round. As much as I love them, I’m not sure eating candy corn year round would be super healthy.

These little knitted candies won’t hurt your tummy though!

How to Make Your Own

Purl Soho does a great job of explaining exactly how to make these. They take colors of sport weight yarn, knitting needles and some stuffing. Purl Soho weighted them with lentils, but if you’re not fond of weighting with something you can’t wash, you could always use glass or plastic weight pellets.

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What Do You Think of This Knitted Candy Corn Pattern?

Could knitted corn be better than the real thing? It’ll certainly last longer. I’d love to hear your thoughts on candy corn and Halloween candy in general.

Happy Halloween and happy knitting!

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