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Watercolor Strawberry Clipart – $1!

What a fun find! My friends over at have this adorable Watercolor Strawberry Clipart for just $1. Check it out here!

The very talented Natalia posted this super fun set in the dollar section, and I just had to share!

I love love love strawberries, and it wouldn’t feel like summer without them.

These bright and fun images are perfect for fresh summer designs. Have a look at some of the creative ways Natalia used them to get inspired. A strawberry mug or makeup bag would be pretty cute, but a strawberry skirt? Amazing!

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Watercolor Strawberry Clipart for Summer!

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What You Get for $1

A set of watercolor strawberry clipart elements and patterns. You can use them for summery textiles for adults and kids, for greeting cards, photo frames, posters, websites and much more.

The set includes:

  • 12 PNG, PSD, All of strawberry elements – 3000x3000px, 300dpi
  • 2 PNG of strawberry patterns – 5000x5000px, 300dpi
  • 4 IPEG of strawberry patterns – 5000x5000px, 300dpi

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