Plain White Condo Gets a Punch of Color

Plain White Condo

Apartment Therapy featured a plain white condo in Montreal today. It’s owners, Shilpa and Aditya’s are condo dwellers after my own heart!

Ah, The Plain White Condo Box in the Sky

First of all, I don’t mean “Plain White Condo” in a disparaging way at all.¬†We moved to a house in the suburbs after my son was born, but this apartment reminds me a TON of our first condo in “The Junction” neighbourhood of Toronto. Only, ours was much, much smaller and popcorn ceilings with boob lights were still a thing.

Our First Condo

This is our very first, 600 square foot, high rise Toronto condo. Photo was taken at our delivery walkthrough taken 2010.

We had ours delivered with raw concrete floors because we later put in engineered wood like the Montreal condo below.

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The floors we installed were almost identical to the ones in the Apartment Therapy post, and the countertop is the same. Our cupboards were darker, but our walls were white too. Apparently painting your walls in the first year voids the warranty! Who knew?

What these builder condos lack in charm and character, though, they make up in practicality. They’re modern. They’re efficient. They’re secure. And of course, they’re often the most affordable, low maintenance dwellings available in big city real estate markets.

Shilpa and Aditya’s Featured Condo

These Montreal based professionals have done a great job of accessorizing there own “white box” with warm, personal touches. Shilpa in particular loves to bring creativity and color into her space.

Both born in India, they both brought a bit of Indian style to their new Canadian home.

Plain White Condo 2
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A Splash of Color

This dramatic, graphic cobalt rug anchors the living room furniture and defines the space in the open concept condo layout.

Green plants and red accessories add some cheerful pops of color to an otherwise builder basic color scheme.

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Have You Ever Lived in a Plain White Condo?

I’d love to know if the space fit your lifestyle. Some days I fantasize about moving back to a basic high rise condo, where everything is clean and new, and you don’t have to take out garbage and mow the lawn! But as a family with a young kid, I do think we’d miss the back yard!

Is lack of architectural character and charm a worthy tradeoff for the practicalities of condo living?

See the full condo tour on Apartment therapy

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