Pantone Ultra Violet is the Color of the Year!

Pantone Ultra Violet

Pantone Ultra Violet is a strong, bold color. It’s mystical. It’s moody. According to a few readers in the comment section, it’s  “nauseating”. Love it or hate it, Pantone Ultra Violet will no doubt grab the spotlight in 2018!

Purple is Big, Bold and… Bad?

What does this color evoke in you? Lush, opulent, royal velvet and gems? A swirling, infinite, far off galaxy? Prince?

This years color choice is a bit controversial. A few internet commentators mentioned it’s connection to rubber yoga mats and Dairy Milk wrappers. One even referred to it a “nauseating”.

Where is Pantone Ultra Violet showing up?

Everywhere! From the furniture to fashion, even the Queen of England is sporting this punchy purple. For inspiration, check out the purple “mini roundup” below!

Will Pantone Ultra Violet Make It’s Way Into Your Designs?

Purple is a surprisingly versatile color choice. It’s big, bold look with leave an impression in your garden, home, wardrobe and more.

Will it be making your design palette this year?

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