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TABLE OF CONTENTS | Free Printable Scandinavian Gift Tags from Fox and Hazel

Free Printable Scandinavian Gift Tags from Fox and Hazel

I love Scandinavian design. Especially at Christmas time. Last week I posted a roundup of awesome Scandinavian Christmas Decor, and I thought I’d follow up with these Free Printable Scandinavian Gift Tags from Fox + Hazel.

Tori from Fox + Hazel graciously posted these adorable Free Printable Scandinavian Gift Tags. Tori really nailed the Scandi look in with these. These free printable Scandinavian gift tags feature bold, nature inspired graphics in classic red, white and dark blue.

If you’d like to create your own matching items (think Christmas cards or ornaments) you’re in luck! You can download the vector graphics set that these were originally based on from GraphikCliparts shop on TheHungryJpeg.com.

See the whole post over on Fox + Hazel!

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Get the Free Printable Scandinavian Gift Tags

You can download the PDF file for these sweet scandinavian gift tags on Toris blog, Fox + Hazel. Just print the tags on white paper or card stock, and start wrapping those gifts!

[button text=”Download on Fox + Hazel” style=”primary” size=”large” expand=”true” icon=”icon-angle-right” link=”https://www.foxandhazel.com/2016/12/free-scandinavian-christmas-gift-tags.html” target=”_blank”]

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Thanks so much for sharing these, Tori!

Have you had a change to try these? How did they turn out?

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