Free Autumn Clipart is Recycled But Still Fun

Free Autumn Clipart 1

Boy oh boy, it’s been a long couple of weeks. I’ve got to level with you guys. Todays Free Autumn Clipart is recycled from last year. It’s an oldie but a goodie!

The past few weeks I haven’t been feeling well. I’ve been even more tired than usual, and had some major stomach issues. I took it easy for a few days, figuring I’d catch up when I felt better. Just as I was starting to recover, Max came down with something too. He woke up early Wednesday morning looking pale, tired and saying his heart was beating too fast. Within a few minutes of getting out of bed he had, as he calls it, the throw ups. Poor little guy!

He had to take the day off school, which means I had to take the day off work. We spent the whole day cuddled on the couch watching cartoons and YouTube and cautiously eating fishy crackers. I got absolutely no work done.

The new freebie I had been working on, and hoped to get posted this week is 90% complete, though, so hopefully I’ll get that done by next week. In the meantime, I thought I would pull out a cute one from last year.

Free Fall Harvest Clipart 2
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Folksy, Scrappy Style

When I drew this set, it was intended to be part of a bigger series. The idea was to create a series of art sets inspired by scrapbooking. I wanted to create cute, simple little drawings that could be used in digital scrapbooks, or printed and used as stickers or scraps. I used some tone on tone plaid, polka dots and strips to create a folksy, crafty look.

Fall, Christmas, Birthdays – I could do one for all the special occasions people might scrapbook. Of course, I never did get around to creating the rest of them!  Maybe someday…

This set includes 35 scrappy images, including a scarecrow, wreath, fall trees, pie, pumpkins, preserves and lots more. The look equally great on light or dark backgrounds. The download also includes 5 coordinating seamless patterns – 3 plaids, 1 pumpkin and leaf pattern, and 1 pie and sunflower pattern.

The Free Autumn Clipart Download

This set includes 35 high resolution .png clipart images (approximately 6″ high at 300 dpi) and 5 high resolution .jpg seamless patterns. All the free autumn clipart images are completely free for you to use in personal and non-profit projects.

Download the Free Autumn Clipart

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2 thoughts on “Free Autumn Clipart is Recycled But Still Fun

  1. dmtalbot2000 says:

    Mandy, relish those special times, even when you feel icky. They’re only young once and memories are sooooo precious. Blessings.

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