How to Draw Cartoon Pandas in Procreate

In this post, you’ll learn how to draw cartoon pandas in Procreate. No iPad? Don’t worry, you can follow along with paper and a pencil!

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Once you know how to draw cartoon pandas in Procreate, you can draw one or all of these little guys!

Tools & Supplies

Although I’m working in Procreate, you can follow along with the sketching step with just a pencil, paper and a marker or pen for the in

How to Draw Cartoon Pandas: Video Tutorial

How to Draw Cartoon Pandas: Step by Step

Step 1: Start with a Rough Sketch

Step 2: Refine It Into a Good Sketch

Step 3: Create the Ink Lines

Step 4: Fill in the Color Layers

Step 5: Add Shadows and Highlights

Finishing Up Your Pandas

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