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Easy & Flexible

art licensing

Freedom to create new products without big licensing costs.

Start small and scale up production on your own schedule.

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Personal License – Free!

Thanks for your interest in using my digital artwork in your own creations.

I create and share my art in the hope of encouraging creativity and helping entrepreneurial crafters, makers and designers save time and money. I try to be as generous as possible with my licensing, so you can create without worrying about super specific license terms.

Creating art for MandyArtMarket.com and my third party shops (Etsy, Creative Market, etc) is my full time job. Please consider the many hours of time and effort that go into creating my art. Please use it in good faith, within the terms of the license you purchased.

All the Best,
Amanda Ilkov


Acceptable Uses of My Digital Art

My Personal Use License is completely free and included implicitly when you purchase any art set from MandyArtMarket.com.

When you purchase my art, and additional license will not be sent. Simply keep a copy of your purchase receipt as proof of payment.

You may use any art purchased from my shops for personal projects. Please see examples of acceptable use below.

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[accordion title=”Yes! You may use the Personal Use License for…” auto_open=”true”]

[accordion-item title=”Personal Project Use”]

You may create anything you like for your own personal use, or the use of your friends and family.

Some examples of personal use are…

  • Create scrapbooks for friends and family
  • Decorate your blog or social media profiles
  • Design invitations and decor for a friends wedding or baby shower
  • Design a t-shirt and have it printed for a gift
  • Use a site like SpoonFlower to print fabric for your living room curtains

Exceptions are uses outlined in the “You May Not” section below.




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[accordion title=”No! You May Not…”]

[accordion-item title=”Resell the art”]

Sublicense, resell, share, transfer, or redistribute the original art files, even for free, at all, ever!

You may not resell the purchased art as part of digital scrapbook kit. You may not include the files as part of a giveaway.

[accordion-item title=”Claim the art as your own”]

Claim this artwork as your own.

You may never explicitly state or imply that this art is your original creation.

[accordion-item title=”Mass production”]

Use this artwork on mass produced or large runs of physical goods for resale.

You may not use this art to print 200 t-shirts for resale in your retail store

[accordion-item title=”Corporate promotion”]

Use this artwork on any design or commercial work for your own or your clients major brand or business.

You may not use this art in a marketing campaign for a large chain of coffee shops

[accordion-item title=”Produce for resale”]

  • Use this artwork to produce goods to sell to anyone other than the end user.

    You may not use this art to print wall art to sell to local retail shops.




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    Purchasing art or obtaining an Art License does not imply transfer of ownership. All rights to the original artwork remain with Amanda Ilkov.

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    Crediting Amanda Ilkov or MandyArtMarket.com

    Crediting the art used back to this website is always appreciated, but is not required. If you have any questions or require further clarification about my “Make It Easy License” or other licensing, please contact me.