Limited Production License

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Easy & Flexible

art licensing

Freedom to create new products without big licensing costs.

Start small and scale up production on your own schedule.

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[button text=”Personal Use License” color=”white” style=”outline” size=”xsmall” expand=”true” link=”/about/licensing/personal-license/”]

[button text=”Professional Use License” color=”white” style=”outline” size=”xsmall” expand=”true” link=”/about/licensing/professional-license/”]

[button text=”limited production license” color=”white” size=”xsmall” expand=”true” icon=”icon-angle-right” icon_pos=”left” link=”/about/licensing/limited-production-license/”]

[button text=”unlimited production license” color=”white” style=”outline” size=”xsmall” expand=”true” link=”/about/licensing/unlimited-production-license/”]



Limited Production License 

Limited Production License is required if you intend to produce items for resale in runs of more than 50 pieces at a time, and allows you to print up to 2000 total pieces.

For example, you’ve purchased a clipart pack and used it to create a t-shirt design. If you screen print or Print On Demand these a few at a time (up to 50) to sell, you do not require a Limited Production License. The free, Make It Easy License included with all of my art is enough.

However, if you are having 100 of your t-shirts printed at once to sell, you would require a Limited Production License. You can print and sell up to 2000 of your t-shirts. If your shirts sell really well, you can either purchase a second Limited Production License for your next 2000 pieces, or purchase an Unlimited Production License.

You must purchase 1 license for each art listing (in addition to the art listing) you plan to use for extended production.